Mission Statement

thumbnailsMy network of specialists provide quality services for patients seeking an understanding of the legal issues related to cannabis consumption for recreational, medical or spiritual purposes.

Through experience and passion for our work, we understand how to effectively and safely deliver organic lifestyle remedies to our members.

We carefully research our products and the latest legal developments to ensure members and associates are aware of critical legislation that is being crafted by cannabis lobbyists, special interest groups and advocates who are successfully driving the narrative of this important movement.

Using knowledge captured through a refined network of experts and advocates, we are positioned to provide exceptional services, which is vital to maintaining and expanding our relationships. When we say natural, we mean just that – quality, naturally-grown organic medicinal grade cannabis. We are also well positioned to recommend product planning strategies  for patients, dispensaries, collectives, co-ops and caregivers.

We thoroughly research and understand the product, from inception to delivery. The pricing remains fairly standard with natural fluctuation based on variations in crop development. Like any agricultural product, cannabis production is linked to a seasonal commodity-driven market. We work with our growers to ensure product production is based on the holistic demands of our patients.

The evolving political and legal environment has made us far better positioned to continue developing our ever-expanding knowledge base to create effective holistic solutions. Observing and respecting successful legislative endeavors in the states of Colorado and Washington as a political backdrop, the Obama Administrations’ position on medical marijuana has shifted dramatically. No longer will it be a priority of the federal government to arrest medical marijuana users and suppliers who conform to state laws. Progressive, open-minded Californians have also provided us with the opportunity to expand access to this natural herbal remedy that has the proven capacity to treat many ailments.

A core focus area is our commitment to a spiritual and cultural shift in our exclusive community. The legal and cultural landscape continues on a promising shift, reducing the negative stigma and social stereotype associated with use of medicinal cannabis, and it important that we remained firmly positioned to meet the needs of our patients as we continue to work to influence political change.

As experienced and compassionate caregivers, we are sensitive to the patients who wish to be discreet. We rely deeply on quality-control standards that are designed to ensure that a patients’ spiritual, cultural and medical needs are properly met with high quality products and a spirit of compassionate care.